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Everybody must know that reality We are grandchildren of Ottoman Empire and children of Turkey. At the first, we never disrespected to your religions, languages, life styles nearly 700 years under the control of Ottoman Empire and you lived in freely. You have never researched the history which includes thousands years of Turks and you charge Turks with genocide of Armenians. The reality is Armenians killed lots of Turks, murdered babies; bayoneted pregnant women & All of them are available in registrations and documents. In this position Turks naturally defended their selves and fought against to Armenians. If you are like that position in your country, what will you do? Tell us your answer. Today we know that Frenchs were genocide lots of nations in many countries, Germans were genocide Jews; Americans were genocide Indians and African brothers. Why you do not discuss these subjects? Are you really clear? pure? However; we are really clear and pure. Because, our religion; Islam, says that Killing one person is same as killing the world. Ladin and anybody who behave as Ladin are dishonorable people. Moreover, they are not Muslim and they have no relationship with Islam. You are cursing our religion which is Islam and our prophet which is Muhammed without any information about Islam. Moreover, we accept prophet Moses, Jesus which you call Mesih and give their names to our children. What says your freedom and human right ideas? Do not curse to our religion.

NEVER MAKE TREACHERY TO OUR COUNTRY otherwise we will erase all of your sites from internet. Never make big mistake which is the idea of terrorism is equal to Islam. Islam has no relationship with terrorism and Islam is different from terrorism. Twin building scandal in America has no relationship with any religion. In which religion says killing human? Be clever! We are grandchildren of Ottomans. Our ancestors came to Austria when you made mistakes to them; we can come to Denmark as our ancestors, if you make mistakes to us.

PKK which is organization of terrorism and Europe! You are the center of supposedly human rights. You are the center of the baby killer Abdullah