Hello. TodayI’m going to talk about the most impressive novel that I’ve ever read. Thenovel is “Fahrenheit451”, which was written by Ray Bradbury. This novel isthe story of thought control. 451F is thetemperature which paper begins to burn automatically at.

In this story, inthe future people must not read any books and people live without any thoughts.The main character,Guy Montag is a “fireman”. And the “fireman” is a person not to put outfires, but to set fires to books. But he is increasingly interested in books.And he secretly reads books and thinks of many things. He fights againstsociety.

This novel makes us think well. This novel criticizes TV and so on. Are wehappy to only watching TV or playing games? Human being thinks, therefore theyare. If we didn’t think any more,・・・.I fear to think that. In this story, thoughts are burned. So this is veryterrible.

Books show what former people thought. Once books were burned in oldChinaand in the Nazis. We should not repeat this. We should tell future people whatwe think.

Thank you. (And, this novel became amovie.)